Smarter is Better

qualityThe offshore industry is still on the rise, and the need for qualified and competent partners within MMO and EPC fields are high in a market constrained by shortages on facilities, people and time.

In response to growing market demands, the EPCIM joint venture was founded in late 2013. The greater Flekkefjord region has been a nesting ground for solid industrial traditions and qualities for centuries. Being able to draw from generations of combined industry experience among our partners and owners, EPCIM is able to offer top tier quality products, services and knowledge to any client, customer or partner.

With good third-party supplier relation already established, a ready work force on hand, scalable to meet any project scope and a proven track record for reference, EPCIM will provide a much needed option for a large number of major O&G industry players.

For our clients, EPCIM will offer to be a single point of contact for the large number of services, products and solutions offered by Simek, Flekkefjord Elektro and Parat Halvorsen.

It’s a smart solution for everyone, and smarter is always better.