The EPCIM product range covers two main areas: Custom solutions and quality products from our partners and owners.

Our versatility and flexible work force and facilities enable us to manufacture anything from pump skids to extensive structural modules, which makes a perfect partner for any, or every, production/manufacturing phase. Our extensive experience from subsurface projects also makes us capable of producing high quality subsea solutions and structures.

Combined with top-level engineering and project management we are able to service the entire upstream chain, from operators and rig operators to service majors and third-party suppliers.

Our owners/partners:


Since its foundation in 1967, Simek has grown to be a modern, highly competitive and flexible shipyard with close to 130 state-of-the-art PSVs, ferries, research ships and construction vessels delivered.

The yards competent and seasoned staff of more than 250 people offers large production facilities, cutting edge machinery, coating services and dry docks as a part of the EPCIM structure.

Flekkefjord Elektro:

Since the time of its inception in 1990, Flekkefjord Elektro has offered state-of-the-art electrical installations for the maritime industry. It has since expanded to cover custom and standard electrical work for onshore facilities and the offshore oil and gas industry.

Now employing more than 80 dedicated professionals, the company is effectively the largest of its kind between the Stavanger region and the NODE cluster in southern Norway.

Parat Halvorsen

Going strong since 1852, Parat Halvorsen is a world known preferred supplier of heat and steam solutions for the maritime, oil and gas industry.

Now globally active, Parat offers an extensive range of products for most heating requirements including waste heat recovery from diesel and gas turbines, custom designed and fully integrated electrical heating systems. It supplies anything from small potable hot water modules to extensive and complex low and high-pressure steam generation systems.