Achilles certified

EPCIM is proud to now be a certified, qualified and listed in the Achilles JQS system

Achilles JQS

Achilles JQS (Joint Qualification System) is a supplier register and pre-qualification system used by the buyers in the Norwegian and Danish oil and gas sector to manage supplier information and risk within the supply chain as well as to procure efficiently in accordance with EU regulations.

It is a system where suppliers in an easy and standardised way can advice details on their company and products and services to potential customers in a fair, open and transparent way. This facilitates and simplifies the tender process, offering new business opportunities for both buyers and suppliers.


- This is definitely a step in the right direction for us. As a total supplier og EPC goods and services it’s essential for us to be listed alongside opther serious industry players, allowing us to offer a vast range of services to a broader range of clients, partners and vendors, says EPCIM’s sales manager Arne Harald Egge.


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